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March Challenge Is Here!

How did you do on last month’s Squat Challenge?
Do you make it to the end? Did you do the extra day on March 1st? 
If you missed last month, let’s get a “JUMP” on this month’s challenge!
Whether you’re a regular gym-goer or you haven’t done jumping jacks since your school days, you can join us in our Jumping Jack Challenge this March. Starting slowly and taking a graduated approach helps you build up stamina and resistance over the course of the month.
A few minutes each day can help jump start your metabolism, build muscle, improve cardiovascular health, and shape better habits for your future. Click the picture to see the schedule for each day of our 31-Day Jumping Jack Challenge.
If you didn’t get started on time (it’s ok because I didn’t get this posted right away) just jump in where you can.
Jumping Jack Challenge

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