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Reviews for Mouw Family Chiropractic

We value our patients’ experience at Mouw Family Chiropractic. If you are currently a patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire:



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Holistic Approach and Total Dedication

“My life before I began care at Mouw Family Chiropractic: A Creating Wellness Center was painful. I was in constant pain accompanied by a numbing, aggravating pain. What has kept me coming back into their office is the friendly, competent, fun staff, flexibility of scheduling, and the approach of “wellness”, not just chiropractic adjusting. This office knows how to have fun at the same time being professional–very positive environment! What led me to my commitment to correct my spine and maintain correction was their “holistic” approach and total dedication to a full recovery versus just relieving the pain with a few adjustments. I appreciate the ongoing commitment to provie education to their patients and the use of technology and science to educate. Chiropractic has truly made a difference in my life. I am able to sit all day at my desk with out sciatic pain. Before I would have the constant feeling of needing to “adjust myself” trying to relieve the pain. Thanks Mouw Family Chiropractic–my family and I appreciate you!” Josh G.

Chiropractic Patient for Life

I cannot imagine living my life without Chiropractic care! I struggled with migraine headaches, seasonal allergies, & sinus infections for 10+ years. I was miserable & getting no results from the medications & actually felt worse taking the allergy medications. I decided to try chiropractic care & believe me-Chiropractic Is Life Changing!!! Within the first 2-3 weeks of care, I could not believe the difference I felt. Mouw Family Chiropractic changed my life in every aspect! They really cared about my health. I learned so much about my health and was educated on the importance & benefits of regular chiropractic care, proper nutrition, & how to manage my stress! I am happy to say I no longer take ANY medications & what a great feeling that is! Thank you again to Drs. Mark & Lynne Mouw for encouraging me to see how better your life can be when you are functioning at optimal health! If you have not experienced the awesome benefits of chiropractic care, what are you waiting for???? Chiropractic Care is Life Changing!!!! ˜Amy D.

Severe Neck Pain

I have been to many chiropractic offices. I was having the severe neck pain, but not knowing what was causing it, just knowing I needed to be adjusted. I can now say I have the knowledge and understanding of the care my body needs, thanks to the time my chiropractor spent with me answering all my questions and letting me get involved in my healthcare. ˜Alexia H.

Top Notch!

I’ve been very impressed with the thought and abilities that of the entire staff! Top notch treatment and care! I feel like my entire being is truly cared about here! ˜Jacob M.

Sciatic Pain and Pregnancy

I have had sciatic nerve pain during my pregnancy. A couple of months ago it was really severe. I made an appointment with Dr. Lindsey as she has a prenatal specialty and in 5 visits I no longer have any pain! (although it hurt a little to get adjusted) I am going for bi-weekly visits the rest of my pregnancy to make sure things stay in place, but I feel SO much better! She is also trained in the Webster technique in case the baby is in breach position. I would recommend her to anyone. ˜MEMC

Great Service

Everything has been great. ˜Heather O.

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