The Underrated Necessity of Spinal Checks After Car Accidents in Council Bluffs IA

The Underrated Necessity of Spinal Checks After Car Accidents in Council Bluffs IA

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Car accidents, regardless of their severity, can have a profound impact on your body, particularly your spine. In this comprehensive guide from our Council Bluffs IA chiropractor, we'll explore why spinal checks are crucial following any car accident, be it a rear-end collision, side swipe, or T-bone accident.

Understanding the Impact of Car Accidents on the Spine in Council Bluffs IA

When your body undergoes a sudden, forceful impact during a car accident, it can lead to joint instability. This instability is not always immediately apparent, which is why understanding it is crucial. When a vehicle, made of sturdy metal, can get bent and damaged in an accident, imagine the impact on the delicate tissues supporting your spine. These tissues, including ligaments and tendons, are only as thick as toilet paper yet play a vital role in maintaining spinal integrity.

The Aftermath: Ligament and Tendon Damage

In the event of a car accident, these ligaments and tendons can rip or tear. Without proper diagnosis and correction, this damage can lead to the formation of scar tissue. This outcome is common in car accidents, leading to long-term problems if not addressed promptly.

Vertebral Misalignment and Subluxations

A lesser-known consequence of car accidents is vertebral misalignment, also known as subluxations. This misalignment occurs due to the extreme range of motion forced upon the body during an accident, causing the ligaments, muscles, and tissues to tear, and the vertebrae to move out of position. Subluxations can lead to nerve impingement, a serious condition that can have various health implications.

Why Injuries Might Go Unnoticed

One of the reasons car accident injuries, particularly spinal injuries, go unnoticed at first is due to the body's hormonal response. During a stressful event like an accident, hormones like cortisol, epinephrine, and norepinephrine are released. These chemicals help mask the pain and the extent of the injury temporarily. However, as these hormonal levels normalize, the true extent of the injury becomes apparent. This delayed onset is why some patients only realize the severity of their injuries months or even years later.

The Immediate Need for a Spinal Check-Up

If you're involved in a car accident, it's imperative to get your spine checked within the first 24 to 48 hours. It's not advisable to rely solely on a medical emergency room assessment, which might confirm that there are no broken bones but often misses out on diagnosing soft tissue injuries and subluxations.

The Role of Chiropractic Care

A chiropractic office is equipped to conduct thorough examinations post-accident. This includes neurological tests and motion X-rays, which are essential in detecting any ligament damage or spinal misalignments. These evaluations go beyond the superficial assessments to understand the full impact of the accident on your spinal health.

Long-Term Consequences of Ignoring Spinal Health Post-Accident

Ignoring spinal health after an accident can lead to chronic pain, reduced range of motion, and other severe complications. The spine is integral to the overall functioning of the human body. Any misalignment or damage, if left untreated, can affect your quality of life significantly.


In conclusion, getting your spine checked after a car accident is not just a precaution; it's a necessity. Whether the accident was minor or severe, the potential impact on your spinal health can be significant. Timely and appropriate chiropractic care can help diagnose hidden injuries, prevent long-term damage, and ensure your spine's health and your overall well-being. Remember, you may not always feel the injury immediately, but the consequences of neglecting spinal health can last a lifetime.


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